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  • Payment Policies

    • Adult classes & Mini sessions and Summer Classes and Camps are billed for the course length which will depend on the discipline.
      Please refer to the program outlines for further details on these courses which can be found at www.yorkdance.com.

      Students who withdraw during a term or course will be charged a $60.00 administrative fee per course and will be refunded for the balance of the classes they will not be attending.
  • Release of Liability

    • I hereby waive and discharge York Dance Academy and all employees, contractors and sub-contractors hired by York Dance Academy from all claims, damages, and expenses in respect to injury or damage to my child/person or property, however caused which may result from participation in the program. Each student and his or her legal guardian(s) hereby release to York Dance Academy the rights to all photography and video that may be taken by or for York Dance Academy during classes, performances or competitions, for use in advertising and promotion, including television coverage.