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Melissa Spence (B.O.F.A.)

Hailing from Smith Falls, Ontario, Melissa Spence has been dancing since her first class at age 7. Her journey in ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical and tap has included study under Tiffany McLean, Linda Garneau, Holly Small and Carol Anderson. Specializing in dance science, Melissa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts, with honors, from York University in 2007.

Touring with Motus O Dance Theater since 2006, Melissa has performed in original works “Variations in Love” and “Perspectives” as well as adaptations of “Carmina Burana”,  "A Christmas Carol" and "East of The Sun, West of The Moon". Stops have included both coasts of Canada and parts in between. Internationally, she has toured on stage in the USA and performed intimate theater in Europe.

Teaching from age 15, Melissa has developed unique and motivating methods that lead her students to numerous scholarships, titles and awards of distinction at the regional and national level. She has been recognized for innovative and dynamic choreography as well as the inspiration she shares with all her students, recreational and competitive.