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Irish dance is a traditional dance form which has been popularized and modernized within the last two decades due to the world-wide success of shows like “Riverdance” and “Lord of the Dance”.   As the international popularity of Irish dance continues to grow it is now being taught all over the world.

Irish dance is probably best known for the “hard shoe” dancing which is characterized by its powerful percussive rhythms and fast footwork.  “Soft shoe” dancing is characterized by its graceful, yet quick movements while incorporating athletic jumps and high kicks.  Traditional Irish dance is very recognizable by the way the dancers hold themselves with their arms straight by their sides while they produce rapid movements with their legs and feet.  However, with the more recent modernization of the traditional dance form, upper body movement is now often incorporated into the dance for performances while the traditional carriage is still used in competition. 

The classes will focus on learning the basics of Irish dance with a strong emphasis on posture, foot placement, and rhythm.  Dancers will progress while always continuing to focus on the basics through exercises which will also increase strength and endurance. Classes will incorporate both traditional and modern Irish dance techniques and choreography and will be taught at a recreational level to any dancer interested in learning more about this exciting dance style. 

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